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4 factors that contribute to negligent security

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Whether a physical assault takes place in a parking lot, parking ramp, office building, retail store, restaurant or hotel, the owners or landlords of these properties are liable. They are the ones responsible for the protection of guests and members of the public who visit their establishments.

Sometimes, property owners neglect security at their premises. Doing so opens up opportunities for criminals seeking to rob and attack unsuspecting members of the public. In some cases, the injuries the victims suffer may be life-threatening as well as fatal.

Poor lighting and not enough security staff

Certain actions or protections may get ignored by property owners, resulting in negligent security. This may lead to preventable attacks. Here are some of the reasons why negligent security occurs:

  • Poor lighting: Poorly lit stairwells, hallways, parking lots and hotel corridors shield criminals focused on breaking the law. Lighting that is bright and evenly distributed is critical.
  • Few numbers of security staff: Uniformed security staff are a deterrent for criminals. Frequent patrols on foot or via slow-moving vehicles are essential. Property owners must have the right ratio of security to guests and provide these employees or contractors with efficient training.
  • Not enough security cameras or non-working cameras: Strategically placed security cameras are essential on any property. Monitoring from security staff as well as software alerts authorities of any potential crimes. Property owners also must regularly test these cameras to ensure they work.
  • Easily accessed windows and doors: Criminals may find that a property’s windows and doors unlocked or easily jimmied. Occupants of apartment complexes, office buildings and hotels may find themselves attacked and defenseless.

These factors all represent negligence committed by irresponsible property owners.

As a victim, pursue legal action

Public safety should always remain a priority among property owners. However, sometimes, they take shortcuts or are just plain lazy when it comes to protecting the people who visit their properties. An injury from an assault may be physically and psychologically traumatic. Pursue legal action in these cases.