Legal Help With The Greatest Gift Possible For A Child: Adoption

Adoptions are joyous occasions. But like many of the most worthwhile things in life, it can take hard work to get there. The Law Office of Catherine Verdery Ryan is an established and local family law firm that has successfully represented numerous local families in adoption proceedings. If you work with her firm, Ms. Ryan will take the time and effort to get to know your family. And she will work diligently and meticulously to provide your family with the best opportunity to become whole through adoption.

We Are Responsive To Clients Because We Care

Ms. Ryan is a capable, respected and compassionate attorney who personally oversees every case. She is responsive to clients because she cares about the outcome of their case. That is why she returns phone calls promptly, keeps you updated and discusses your options with you before taking any actions on your behalf.

Informed Guidance Throughout Your Adoption

Adoption paperwork in Georgia is very tedious and must be exact. This is certainly not a process a party should attempt without an attorney. The parties are also required to have procedures such as a criminal background check and possibly a home study. Once the adoption has been approved by the court, a brief hearing is necessary, an adoption order must be prepared, a new birth certificate applied for, and the child’s name changed.

At the time of an adoption, the biological parent’s rights no longer exist. Therefore, this is a very serious step to consider with many implications.

If you work with The Law Office of Catherine Verdery Ryan, you will have the help of a local Augusta lawyer who you can rely on throughout the entire process above. Ms. Ryan will walk you through every step, prepare and file paperwork, and will do everything she can do help you successfully adopt.

Stepparent, Grandparent And Relative Adoptions

Ms. Ryan often helps stepparents and grandparents adopt. In many ways, the adoption process can be similar for relatives and stepparents can be less complicated. However, unique issues can arise. An adoption by a stepparent who subsequently divorces the biological parent will not affect or dissolve the adoption. Ms. Ryan has personally overseen a significant number of relative adoptions in her 25-plus years as a family law attorney. She can guide you throughout the process, ensure paperwork is filed correctly and answer your questions.

Contested Adoptions

If a biological parent is contesting an adoption, the proceedings can quickly become contentious. If you are attempting to adopt a child when the biological parent has not agreed to terminate his or her parental rights, you will need the help of an experienced trial attorney. A veteran of numerous litigated family law matters, Catherine Verdery Ryan is comfortable in the courtroom. She will do everything in her power to further the best interests of the child you wish to adopt. That includes aggressively fighting for the best interests and well-being of that child in court.

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