Domestic Violence And Orders For Protection

Matters involving domestic violence and abuse require an experienced and compassionate attorney. Any time domestic abuse is an issue for the courts, the amount of stress and anxiety can be overwhelming. Your lawyer should be someone you can trust implicitly to put your best interests first and protect your legal rights, emotions and family relationships through an incredibly difficult time.

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Orders For Protection

Broadly speaking, there are two main types of orders for protection: temporary and permanent. Also commonly known as restraining orders, these court orders can prevent an abuser from having contact with family members, living in the same household or contacting a victim in any way. Individuals with an order for protection may also be prevented from carrying weapons.

Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs) can be issued without the alleged abuser being present. However, because the court has not heard both sides of the story, such orders are only temporary. In order to obtain a permanent protective order, there must be a prompt hearing in which both sides can present evidence before a judge.

Orders for protection do not involve criminal courts; TPOs and POs are intended solely to protect victims of domestic abuse. However, if the evidence supports the need for criminal action, the victim or the state may decide to bring criminal charges.

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