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There is enough for you to worry about in a divorce, child custody dispute or other family law matter. With over 30 years experience helping local families, you can trust Catherine Verdery Ryan to meticulously prepare your case and work diligently toward a resolution. She protects your legal rights and interests, so you can focus on yourself and your family relationships. With Ms. Ryan, your questions will be answered promptly and your goals will be taken into account in all actions she takes.

Your Goals Always Come First

At The Law Office of Catherine Verdery Ryan, you will find an attorney who will act in your best interests. If a quick resolution to your legal issue is best for you, she will do everything possible to work efficiently and effectively. Ms. Ryan will safeguard your children’s well-being and your financial future to the fullest extent allowed by law. She will work with you so you understand your options and what the right outcome means to you.

Clear, Upfront And Honest Legal Opinions

Providing an honest assessment of your situation and legal options is a vital part of your lawyer’s role. Ms. Ryan will take the time to hear your complete story before recommending any legal action. More importantly, she will advise you on actions you should not take – many people involved in a divorce or other family law matters end up harming their own case despite their best intentions. Ms. Ryan helps you avoid this kind of mistake.

Ms. Ryan will provide you with options for moving forward and will work with you to decide the right course of action. She is known for skilled and aggressive courtroom advocacy when her clients need it.

We Handle The Legal Details So You Can Attend To Your Family

Ms. Ryan is a respected local family law attorney who is painstaking in her preparation of family law cases. She personally manages every case the office takes, using her extensive experience to help guide clients through through their legal challenges.

For comprehensive family law services, turn to Augusta’s experienced family law firm. We represent clients in matters involving:

Whatever your legal need, Ms. Ryan provides compassionate, results-oriented representation to overcome the obstacles you are facing.

Does Infidelity Affect The Court’s Decisions In A Divorce?

The court does take cheating into account when making decisions about alimony and dividing property. If the dependent spouse committed the adultery and it led to the divorce, the dependent spouse will typically not be granted alimony. It may also affect the distribution of assets, especially if there is a record of money spent on gifts, hotel rooms or other things.

Can The Mother Of A Child Born Out Of Wedlock Get Child Support?

In order to get court-ordered child support, the paternity of the father must be established by filing a paternity acknowledgement form. This can be done voluntarily by the father or may be done by the mother as well. If the father is unwilling to acknowledge paternity, the court can order a DNA test to prove parentage.

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