Trusted Counsel
For More Than 30 Years


“Ms. Ryan’s handling of my case was extremely professional. She was available when I needed her and communicated with me regularly. She was not only extremely hard-working but compassionate and caring. I would highly recommend her.”

-Robert P.

“Catherine Ryan has handled my complicated and emotionally volatile divorce with a high level of empathy. Her main focus through the whole process was the well-being of my children and myself. She intuitively knows when to tread lightly and when to fight during the proceedings and negotiations. Any of my concerns are addressed promptly with logic and the law in mind. I have been recommending her to anyone I know who may need a family law attorney.”

-Heidi H.

“I fortunately have had the pleasure of using Catherine for her services, more than once. As her client, I always felt as though she strived for my best interest. As my attorney, I knew she would strive for what’s right.”

-Mario E.

“I’ve worked in the legal industry for many years, but when you need someone to represent your family you want someone who is going to get the job done. From my first initial phone call I know she was the one who needed to represent my family. My first visit to Catherine’s office took almost 2 hours because she was getting to know me and my family. From that day on Catherine has been hard at work handling my case. I knew she wasn’t going to beat around the bush with me about my case and I felt deeply as if she was representing my family as if they were her own. It’s not easy going through legal issues, but Catherine has been there through it all. She put in a lot of hard work and long hours and it all paid off in the end. I would recommend Catherine Ryan to anyone who needed an attorney.”

-Rena E.

“Divorce is a very difficult, painful and personal time for a family and my divorce was no exception. I was looking for a strong attorney but also someone that I could trust with the most personal and difficult details. Catherine came highly recommended and immediately showed me that my children and I were in caring and capable hands. Catherine was able to negotiate a fair and uncontested divorce for me and the entire time I always felt that the long term best interests of myself and my children were her top priority. Unfortunately, since my divorce I have needed additional legal assistance dealing with my ex spouse on two separate occasions and without hesitation I came back to Catherine. Catherine has always been a phone call away when I need her and is quick to respond to any of my communication. I know that I am more than just “a client” to her. I feel genuinely and personally cared for by Catherine and her assistant. I also feel very confident that I am trusting my legal matters to a highly qualified professional. Divorce and child custody issues can be stressful and scary. My children are the most important things in the world to me. I am very thankful that I have Catherine Ryan looking out for us.”

-L. Mackert