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Many issues in divorce have a large impact on your life. Your emotional and financial life may be in upheaval. But divorce is also about a new beginning. At The Law Office of Catherine Verdery Ryan, our job is to make sure you start off that new era on the right foot.

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To a large extent, your goals and needs will determine the divorce process. Whatever your main objectives, we will work diligently and capably to help you reach them.

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Ms. Ryan is a local Augusta attorney who provides personal and caring representation. With her firm, you will not be treated as just another client. You will have the personal attention of Ms. Ryan, who will manage your case from its beginning to its conclusion. Her detail-oriented representation has helped numerous clients obtain a fair property division. Her compassion and care for families has helped create workable custody plans. She has been successful in obtaining appropriate alimony because of her willingness to stand up for her clients. You can have the same diligent, capable representation put to work for you.

Wondering If Legal Separation Is Right For You?

You may wish to live apart from your spouse without dissolving the marriage. Georgia does not have legal separation. Instead, Georgia uses the concept of separate maintenance. Unlike divorce, separate maintenance does not end a marriage, but enables the parties to live separately. Clients choose this option for various reasons, such as health needs and insurance, advanced age of the parties, religious beliefs, or the possibility of eventual reconciliation. During a separation, the parties should at all times have a court order for separate maintenance that sets forth the rights and responsibilities of each regarding temporary or final division of property and debts, child support, alimony, child custody and visitation.

Wondering About An Uncontested Divorce?

Many misconceptions exist about an uncontested divorce. In order to file an uncontested divorce, you must have resolved all issues prior to filing. Property division, alimony, child support and custody are not always easy to agree upon. Filing a contested divorce simply means you and your spouse will attempt to negotiate these issues during your divorce through your attorneys and often times a mediator. If unable to do so, then the Court will make the ultimate decision.

The type of divorce you file depends on your personal circumstances. If filing an uncontested divorce is right for you, then Ms. Ryan will walk you through the process. If a contested divorce is more appropriate, you can still work with Ms. Ryan and your spouse to reduce the duration of the divorce.

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